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Review! ☾Sailor Moon Make Up! (Part 2) Moisture Rouge☽

September 8, 2017

(Entrada en español aquí!)


I'm back! ;) I'm sorry I've been away for so long!

I've moved recently and everything at work is really chaotic!


Today I bring you the second part of my last Sailor Moon makeup review!


(Part 1 here!)


As I told you before, one of the things I loved about my last trip was the huge amount of Sailor Moon's merchandising!

And I bought a lot! :O

Among them, some make up items are really popular these days, the brand is Miracle Romance (from Creer Beauty).


 This time I'll show you...

Moisture Rouge 


Moisture Rouge is a lipstick, replica from a pen that Usagi uses in the series. The pen allowed her to transform in any person she wanted.  It was really fun to watch! And the transformation was super cute:


You can find these items in all together in beauty shops in Asia (this photo is from Taiwan):


The box is really beautiful!

The front is white and delicate. 


You can see Luna and Usagi on the sides, in golden colour! 


 Gorgeous! ♥ 


 Unboxing ;)




It's amazingly delicate, I love the pink hue ♥ 


When you remove the lid you can see the cute rouge.


It looks strong! But it isn't!


 The pigmentation is really subtil, nice for everyday use!


I loved it! ♥ 


Hope you liked it too!

Soon part 3 ;)!


Kind regards,

Lula ♥ 




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