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Review! ☾ Sailor Moon Make Up! (Part 1) Shining Moon Powder ☽

August 4, 2017

 (Entrada en español aquí!♥)


One of the things I loved the most at my last trip to Japan and Taiwan was the variety of Sailor Moon stuff at the stores! ♥ 


I bought a lot of cute stuff there, and I managed to buy in Taiwan some of the Miracle Romance make up series (Creer Beauty brand).


Creer Beauty has a complete Sailor Moon cosmetic series, named Miracle Romance. You can see them today almost in every beauty japanese and taiwanese store.


Here are some examples, everything is beautiful!

(I would love to have them all ♥ )



I'll start reviewing my favourite one: 


Shining Moon Powder


The first thing I saw when I entered at one of these beauty stores was the replicas of the sailor moon broches, they're compact powers and they look so cute!


I've already have a compact powder that I use and like, so I hesitate to buy this other one. But the last day of the trip we where at a mall near the airport, and I saw it! I Best purchase ever ;)!


 The box is really gorgeous♥


The design is really delicate. 


When you open the box you can read the famous phrase: "Moon Crystal Power! Make up!" 


 Packaging is really good!


 It's amazingly beautiful! ♥  


For what I know, there are two different versions of this same item, one of them has a pastel pink plastic base. This is the second version, the color of the lid and the base are the same. 


 Ta chan! ♥ Super delicate, love the little pink bow :)



 The mirror has some little details around it, some moons and stars.


And beneath the littlecushion there's a beautiful pattern. It's not part of the powder itself, it's a protector film.


You can see it clearer here.


 This is how it looks like without the film!

The powder came in one colour. Really pale, ideal for my skin!


The texture is super nice, it covers the skin well and it gives you smooth sensation. Plus, it has a really nice scent!


I hope you liked my review! ♥ 


I will be reviewing about the other two items I bought from this same series: Moisture Rouge and an eyeliner.



Kind regards,


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