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Review! ☾ Sailor Moon - Moon Stick Proplica! ☽

June 14, 2017


Hi there! ♥


As some of you know, I made a wonderful trip to Japan and Taiwan last month.

I brought a lot of cute stuff with me! I'll be writing the reviews soon!


To begin with, I want to show you one of the cutest items I bought, the Sailor Moon Moon Stick Proplica! ♥



The Moon Stick was the one of the most popular items of the Sailor Moon series.



Luna gave it to Sailor Moon, on episode 25th (original series).


As you can see, it varies from manga to anime, original and Crystal.


 The box is too beautiful!

I think the design is really original, with all the sailors symbols ♥ 


 The back of the box, with some photos.


And the content of the box! So exciting!

This was the first item of the Proplica series from Bandai, you can really tell they put so much effort making it.


It brings a cute manual too!


Manual pictures:

(click to enlarge)


 Piece by piece, everything is so delicate!


The scepter is an exact replica from the 90's anime, and its lenght is about 23cm.


 So shiny! 

It has 8 sounds in total. 

Divided in to modes, moon and star. Depending on the Silver Crystal attached or not. 


You can switch between modes at the bottom of the scepter. The switch is hidden and the speaker too! Classy ;) !


This is how it looks without the Silver Crystal, as you can see, the circle in the middle is where it goes.


And it comes in three pieces, the crystal, a support base, and a led light. 

(click to enlarge) 


 This is how it look with the Silver Crystal attached!


Amazingly cute!


 And this is how it looks altogether ♥ 


Now, the funniest part! The sounds!


Without Silver Crystal


Star mode


1) Moon Healing Scalation (normal)


2) Monster detector


Moon mode


1) Moon Healing Scalation 2


2) Bonus sound dialog



 With Silver Crystal


Star mode 


1) Moon Healing Escalation, Silver Crystal version, no dialog

2) Moon Healing Escalation, Queen version, no dialog


Moon mode


1)Moon Healing Escalation, Silver Crystal version, with dialog


2)  Moon Healing Escalation, Queen version, with dialog



This is the second Proplica item I own, I can assure you they worth every penny ;) 

They're addictive! 


You can read the Spiral Heart Moon Rod review here!



Kind regards, 

Lula ♥ 

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