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Lula's Lullaby

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♥Review ! Kawaii Box November 2016 ♥

February 2, 2017


♥ Last January 18th was Lula's Lullaby first anniversary!! ♥ 


I introduce you this new blog section "In English!" where you will find all my entries translated!



What is Kawaii Box


It's a monthly subscription to cute stuff! ♥

At the end of the month they charge you the cost of the box (around 18USD) and they send it to you at the beginning of the month (free shipping!).At the end of each month they charge you the suscription fee and in a few days they start delivering the boxes, with free shipping!


The subscription is super easy to make (you'll need credit card or paypal!). If you like it you can subscribe here or in the side banners on my website ;)

Here's the November Kawaii Box content:



I'll show you more in detail:


Meiji Coffee Beat, little chocolates with coffee beans shape and taste, delicious!

And a retractable eraser, super useful!


A lemon shape sharpener, so cute!

And a happy keychain, love the pastel colour!


Mega cute Christmas stickers! It's a shame they didn't came on time :'( ..  thanks to the post service here.

And hair accesories, they remind me of some Decora coordinates I've seen ♥ 


A Bananya plushie, I love the litthe bow on her head. 

And cats stick markers!! They look so funny!


A cute cow pen, pastel pink! each one of the ears is a different colour, one blue and the other red. 


A kit to make mini cupcakes! It cames with a white "paste" that dries and hardens. I made a couple and they turned really cute! 


A pudding parfait DIY! It was delicious! And it looked so nice!

(here you can watch the tutorial to make it) 



This was my first English entry, I hope you liked my review, soon there will be more surprises ;)



Kind regards,

Lula ♥ 


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