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Lula's Lullaby

  Montevideo, Uruguay

♚ The Tea Saloon: Vicky in Uruguay! ♚

February 3, 2017



Last December The Tea Saloon had the pleasure to receive Vicky, a uruguayan lolita that lives in Barcelona! 


Vicky contacted me through Instagram a few months ago, she told me she was an uruguayan lolita that was living in Spain at the moment,  and she would be visiting her family in Uruguay at the end of the year.


December 10th, we scheduled our first meeting with The Tea Saloon with her at Philomène Café (Punta Carretas, Montevideo).


We first met at my house with Bri, I lend Vicky one of my favourite dresses, the stars OP, and a couple of accesories, she looked so pretty! 

And I lend Bri the Angelic Pretty Wonder Party skirt and a couple of accesories too, she was so cute! 


Pictures of the 3 of us ♥







 Me ♥


Philomene is a cafe with nice decoration and a menu full of delicious drinks! 

 (The first photo is from their website and the second one is from the blog Caramelos de Lima)


We had a reservation on the second floor, a cute little room for us.

That day was horribly hot, we all ordered juices, mine was a lemonade with mint and ginger! 

The food was delicious. And the air conditioner a plus! :P 


Here our coordinates:


 (click on the arrows to move and the pictures to enlarge)


We had such a great time!

Our second meeting was a picnic at the Japanese Garden.

That day we met with Bri before leaving to the meetup.


It was so hot! Luckyly, under the trees was cool enough to 'survive'. We arrived first, and while we waited the others we took a couple of selfies ♥ 


After everyone arrived we did some activities together. We had so much fun!


Unfortunately, we missed track of the time and the place close before taking coordinate pictures of all of us :'(

Here are the ones I got:


 (click on the arrows to move and the pictures to enlarge)


To celebrate Vicky's stay we gave her a little frame signed by us!


Here's the famous group picture! ♥ 

 (Manus was who took it, because he was dressed as a 'civilian' :P)



I hope Vicky would come back soon, we miss her already! 

But we had an amazing time together ♥ 



Kind regards,

Lula ♥ 

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